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Tip Handpiece (Direct Insert,Screw Type)

Property:With the world’s famous medical fiber, professional level optic transmission system, and precision technic system, making sure the long term reliability and consistent using of your laser machine.

Product Categories:

Dental Handpiece 01
Color: sliver
Item No:HPB-L1-S.
 only fit for bare fibers with silicone tube. 
dental handpiece
Dental Handpiece 02
Color: Blue
Item No:HPB-L1-B
dental handpiece
Dental Handpiece 03
Color: Golden
Item No:HPB-L1-G
dental handpiece
Our handpiece can match with the mainstream laser machine all over the world. Any oral laser machine of pluggable fiber, SMA905 or FC connector are all compatible.
Including:Biolase Laserbiolase-LASER, Denlase Laserdenlase-LASER, Doctor Smile Simplerdoctor-smile-simpler-LASER.

Applicable Surgical:

Gingival Troughing
Laser ablation of excess tissue for treatment of cyclo-sporine-induced gingival hyperplasia. A, Immediate preoperative view.B, One-week postoperative view of laser-ablated area.