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1. How long after whitening teeth can I consume staining foods?

To maximize your whitening results and avoid introducing stain, it is best to wait 48 hours after professionally whitening your teeth before you consume any staining foods (red wine, coffee, tea, blueberries, smoking)

2. Is it pain?

Not everyone get's pain after whitening, some may feel intermittent pains that come and go for a few seconds, usually, these pains resolve within 24 hours.

3. How about the effect? How long will it last?

The teeth can achieved 3-4 shades after each treatment, and the effect will last at least 3 to 5 years.

4. Can sensitive teeth do treatment?

Yes, a small percentage of patients experience sensitivity regardless of the system used, to minimize pain, take pain-killer one half hour before the whitening procedure.

5. Can laser teeth whitening damage gums?

No, it uses the most safety light to shine the teeth, won’t damage gums.

6. What the advantages of laser teeth whitening compared to others?

Time-saving, noninvasive, hygienic, no blood loss, no anesthesia, quick recovery.