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Whitening Handpiece

Whitening handpiece for teeth bleaching consist of whitening handpiece and bare fiber, contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth consistently and comfortably.

Whitening Adaptor 01
Max power:10W
Laser Wavelength:810nm, 980nm, 450nm
width: 45mm
thickness: 7mm
radial: R50
dental handpiece
Whitening Adaptor 02
Max power:10W
Laser Wavelength:810nm, 980nm, 450nm
width: 45mm
thickness: 7mm
radial: R50
dental handpiece
Energy distribution map Specifications
\ Handpiece length: 140mm

Whitening tip width: 45mm
Whitening tip thickness: 7mm
Tip radial: R50

Bare fiber
Core: 200um, 400um
NA: 0.22
Length: 2m
Connector: standard SMA905 or FC


\ Laser-assisted bleaching versus home bleaching.
A,B, Appearance of teeth before and after home bleaching procedure.
A, The initial shade of upper teeth was A3 on the Vitapan Classical Shade Guide on gingival and middle thirds and A4 on the incisal third. Lower teeth were graded as C4.
B, Lower arch after 10 days of home tooth whitening(upper arch before bleaching) with cheek retractors in place. Lower teeth improved from C4 to D3, a six-step change on the value-oriented Vitapan shade guide.
C. Laser-assisted bleaching of upper arch. Paint-on dental dam is in place, and bleaching material has been applied to teeth. Note cotton protecting lower arch and safety glasses protecting the patient’s eyes.
D. Handpiece applying laser energy to bleaching material.
E. Completed laser bleaching of upper arch.
F. Postoperative view of laser bleaching results at 48h.
G. Immediate postoperative view of second laser bleaching on upper arch and first laser bleaching lower teeth improved from A2 for the gingival and middle thirds and B2 for the incisal third to A3 for the gingival third and A1 for the middle and incisal thirds. Ten days after laser bleaching, lower teeth shade improved from D3 to D2, a six-step change.
H. Six-month postoperative view of laser bleaching result.

Our handpiece can match with the mainstream laser machine all over the world. Any oral laser machine of pluggable fiber, SMA905 or FC connector are all compatible.
Including:Biolase Laserbiolase-LASER, Denlase Laserdenlase-LASER, Doctor Smile Simplerdoctor-smile-simpler-LASER.
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