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Property:With the world’s famous medical fiber, professional level optic transmission system, and precision technic system, dentlasertip making sure the long term reliability and consistent using of your laser machine.

Product Categories:

Dental Laser Handpiece
Fiber Core: 200um (300um available)
Connector: SMA905
Item No:HPD-211-S03
If you choose 300um fiber, then the item No. is  HPD-311-S03

The dental laser handpiece have 3 colors tips, like orange, blue and red.  
dental handpiece
  • Core[μm]
  • Handpiece Version
  • Lens
  • Connector
  • Extended
  • Color
  • Type
  • 200
  • 670A
  • 1
  • FC
  • 03
  • Blue
  • HPD-211-F03-B
  • 200
  • 670A
  • 1
  • FC
  • 02
  • Silver
  • HPD-211-F02-S
  • 200
  • 670A
  • 1
  • SMA905
  • 03
  • Orange
  • HPD-211-S03-O
Our handpiece can match with the mainstream laser machine all over the world. Any oral laser machine of pluggable fiber, SMA905 or FC connector are all compatible.
Including: Biolase Laserbiolase-LASER, Denlase Laserdenlase-LASER, Doctor Smile Simplerdoctor-smile-simpler-LASER,AMD LaserAMD-LASER.

Applicable Surgical:

Gingival Hyperplasia
Laser ablation of excess tissue for treatment of cyclo-sporine-induced gingival hyperplasia. A, Immediate preoperative view.B, One-week postoperative view of laser-ablated area.
Excision of Biopsy
A. Traction suture in place immediately preoperatively.
B. Beginning laser excision of lesion.
C. Immediate postperative view of excision site.
Aphthous Ulcer
A. Preperative view.
B. Applying laser energy to lesion by handpiece with tip or you can use.
C. Immediate postoperative view of surgical site.