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Disposable Bare Fiber

Silica fiber has excellent high temperature resistant and optical transmission performance, with widely clinical application.


● Double packing
● Standard or high power F-SMA905 connector
● Extension sleeve available in various colors
● Self-design on request
● Various tools available(fiber cutter/stripper,fiber connector)
● Apply to infrared (IR)
● Standard length 3m, NA=0.37
Optical performance
● Fiber emission efficiency
-when straight placed, corresponding wavelength emission efficiency no less than 80%
-instability max ±10%
-reproducibility max ±10%
● Mechanical property
-Fiber tensile strength no less than 4.9N
-After tensile strength experiment, fiber emission efficiency no less than 90% as before
-Minimum bending radius 200d (d as fiber diameter), fiber emission efficiency no less than 90% as before.
Our fiber can match with the mainstream laser machine all over the world. Any oral laser machine of pluggable fiber, SMA905 or FC connector are all compatible.
Including: Biolase Laserbiolase-LASER, Denlase Laserdenlase-LASER, Doctor Smile Simplerdoctor-smile-simpler-LASER.
  • Core[μm]
  • Connector
  • Length[m]
  • Type
  • 300
  • SMA905
  • 3.0
  • S300380-S-3.0
  • 400
  • SMA905
  • 3.0
  • S400730-S-3.0
  • 400
  • FC
  • 3.0
  • S400730-F-3.0
  • Fiber Support Custom

self-design self-design

Applicable Surgical:

Gingival Troughing
Laser ablation of excess tissue for treatment of cyclo-sporine-induced gingival hyperplasia. A, Immediate preoperative view.B, One-week postoperative view of laser-ablated area.