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  ● Adult Protective Goggles
  ● Range of Wavelength: 190~450nm,800~1100nm
  ● Soft Body Conforms to Facial Characteristics
  ● Wide Angle Lenses Provide Excellent Peripheral Vision
  ● Designed to Fit Over Prescription Eyewear
  ● Stylish, Comfortable, Lightweight Eyewear
  ● The Glasses Frame can be Telescopic
  ● Conforms Closely to Forehead which Prevents Laser Radiation from Entering the Top and Sides


  ● Colors shown in photos are representative. For individual eyewear color, please see Specifications.


  ● Because of this potential for eye damage, the degree of protection required in each circumstance should be determined by the Laser Safety Officer, the industrial hygienist, or the individual responsible for the safety program.
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