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Teeth Surgery

Laser for Dental Surgery practice involves:

  • obtaining medical histories and consulting with other health practitioners as appropriate
  • examination of oral tissues, diagnosis of dental caries and recognition of abnormalities
  • preparation of an oral care plan
  • informed consent procedures
  • administration of local anaesthetic using dentoalveolar infiltration, inferior dental nerve block and topical local anaesthetic techniques
  • preparation of cavities and restoration of primary and permanent teeth using direct placement of appropriate dental materials
  • extraction of primary teeth
  • pulp capping in primary and permanent teeth
  • preventive dentistry including cleaning, polishing and scaling (to remove deposits in association with gingivitis), fissure sealants, and fluoride applications
  • oral health education and promotion
  • taking of impressions for, constructing and fitting mouthguards1
  • referral as necessary to the appropriate practitioner/agency
  • performing pulpotomies on primary teeth.
  • taking and interpreting periapical and bitewing radiographs
  • preparing teeth for, and placing stainless steel crowns on primary teeth.
Gingival Hyperplasia
Laser ablation of excess tissue for treatment of cyclo-sporine-induced gingival hyperplasia. A, Immediate preoperative view.B, One-week postoperative view of laser-ablated area.
Excision of Biopsy
A. Traction suture in place immediately preoperatively.
B. Beginning laser excision of lesion.
C. Immediate postperative view of excision site.
Aphthous Ulcer
A. Preperative view.
B. Applying laser energy to lesion by handpiece with tip or you can use.
C. Immediate postoperative view of surgical site.