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Clinical effect analysis of whitening dental fluorosis with Nd:YAG laser

20/07/2016  |  Tags: dental laser, dental laser handpiece,
Abstract: Objective To investigate the clinical effect of whitening dental fluorosis with Nd:YAG laser. Methods Using KJZ Nd:YAG laser with wavelength of 1064nm and Beyond cold light whitening apparatus with wavelength of 480 to 520nm,plus fluoride removal agent and related whitening series and tooth mousse,to whiten and treat 60 patients with 256 fluorosis teeth each group,meanwhile taking the tooth color change situation before and after the operation as the observation index,and analyzes the immediate efficacy and the postoperative curative effect as well as the 1 -year -after rebound rate. Results The two methods, laser or cold light whitening, each averagely increases 6.36 or 6.35 color levels,without obvious difference intreatment effect,both having an immediate efficiency of 100.However,the after-operation immediate allergic reaction of each is different, respectively being 5% and 25.4%.The 1-year-after treatment effect of the laser group is significantly better than the cold light group, the satisfaction rate of each respectively being 90.2% and 73.1%, the former boasting a rebounding rate of 0 and the latter boasting that of 5.By checking:χ2=29.12,P <0.01 .For all above mentioned,gender or age is not considered for the curative effect. Conclusion To apply Nd:YAGnlaser for whitening dental fluorosis is safe, painless,effective,convenient and effective,and is better than the application of Beyond cold light,providing a better aesthetical treatment approach for patients.
Key words:dental fluorosis;Nd:YAG laser; Beyond cold light;whitening