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The effects among three desensitive tooth methods

20/06/2016  |  Tags: dental handpiece, medical fiber,
SONG Yuan-xiong,LIU Lu-chuan,HE Hui-xia.De-
partment of Stomatology,Daping Hospital&Research Institute of Surgery,Third Military Medical University,
[Abstract]Objective:This study is aim to compare the effects among three desensitive tooth methods.Method:Ac-
cording to the sequency,patients were randomly divided into three groups.Each group was treated by Nd:YAG laser,Nd:
YAG laser-with-CaF2or Gluma.Seven days later,Each method was replaced by another.Result:Immediate effects of
three groups were significantly different(p<0.05).One month later,Gluma's effect was less than others(p<0.05).As
the time went by,the effective rates of three groups fell gradually.Six months later,the effective rates of laser,laser-with
-CaF2and Gluma were significantly rduced(67.9%,49.4%and 23.3%respectively,p<0.01).Conclusion:The im-
mediate effect in every method is good,long-dated efficiency in laser and laser-with-CaF2groups are better than
Gluma group,especially,laser-with-CaF2 group shows good prospect.
[Key words] Nd:YAG laser;CaF2;Gluma;effect.