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2016 Federal Election dental health policy report card

06/07/2016  |  Tags: Federal Election dental health,

In the Channel 7 News Sunday 26 June 2016, Mr Matt Weston advocated the use of the Gameday mouthguard product suggesting that the cost of obtaining a professionally fitted mouthguard was in the range $5000-6000 and could involve up to “25 hours in the chair”.

The Australian Dental Association strongly disputes this and puts in question the effectiveness and safety of the product demonstrated.

A survey conducted in 2015, however, has indicated that the cost of a mouthguard, professionally fitted by a dentist, was in the range $123-$295, contrary to what Mr Weston claimed.

The Gameday website suggests the costs of the Gameday Xtreme mouthguard to be “From $149.95”. The process provided through the Gameday mouthguard does not provide the quality mouthguard that would be provided by a dentist. A dentist would, when making the initial impression and then fitting the final mouthguard, ensure that the process and fit was accurate. Further a dentist understands the parameters to be used for the fitting and the absorption of stress/forces applied during use. 

These are essential for the provision of an effective mouthguard. They are not provided in the Gameday process, so would seriously lack the quality of the professionally fitted mouthguard. Lack of this quality will seriously compromise the effectiveness and safety of the Gameday product.