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Clock Tower Dental Associates Honors Dental Hygiene Month

14/11/2016  |  Tags: dental laser tips, dental laser,

Clock Tower Dental Associates is celebrating Dental Hygiene Month this October by inviting patients to learn about the dangers of gum disease. Drs. Michael Kelley, Ramin Rayhan and Richard Nejat are also now accepting new patients with gum disease in Franklin Square, NY for minimally-invasive laser dentistry treatment.

Franklin Square, NY (PRWEB) - In honor of Dental Hygiene Month during October, Drs. Michael Kelley, Ramin Rayhan and Richard Nejat, at Clock Tower Dental Associates, are raising awareness about the health risks of periodontal disease and now accepting new patients with gum disease in Franklin Square, NY without a referral. Studies have linked gum disease to various systemic health issues,dental laser tips in addition to local conditions such as tooth loss. Fortunately, the Clock Tower Dental team can help patients avoid many of these outcomes by treating gum disease with leading laser dentistry techniques.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2012 that over 47 percent of adults over age 30 suffer from periodontal disease, as do over 70 percent of adults over age 65. Studies have also shown that these people are more likely to develop various chronic conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and certain cancers. Drs. Kelley, Rayhan and Nejat remind patients that seeking gum disease treatment may help protect their general well-being as well as their oral health.

Drs. Kelley, Rayhan and Nejat reduce the risk that patients will experience systemic health problems and local issues, such as tooth loosening and decay, using the LANAP® protocol. dental laser tipsThis laser dentistry procedure enables the doctors to target gum disease without scalpels or sutures. With this gum disease treatment in Franklin Square, NY, the doctors can exclusively target diseased tissue while leaving healthy gum tissue untouched. The LANAP® protocol also promotes healthier long-term outcomes by stimulating regeneration in the bone that supports the teeth. By helping the gums attach more securely to the teeth and reducing gum pocket depth, this procedure can lower the risk of future periodontal infections.