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Greens Dental Health Policy mirrors ADA Dental Health Plan

08/07/2016  |  Tags: Greens Dental Health Policy, ,

Announcing their policy on dental health in Melbourne today, the Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale has indicated that they will be voting to retain the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and over the next four years expand the scheme to aged pensioners, person who receive income support benefits and all concession card holders.

In commenting on the Australian Government’s proposed Child and Adult Public Dental Scheme, Dr Di Natale referred to the scheme as ‘a shocker’ that will ‘deny access by eligible patient to 80% of Australia’s dentist”. Dr Di Natale went on to echo the comments of ADA President Rick Olive noting that if the caPDS is passed by Parliament, it will result in less access to services for patients in regional Australia and a return to long public dental waiting lists.

The ADA has long advocated for targeted dental schemes that address those most in need, children of low income families, the aged, Australia’s Indigenous peoples and those living in rural and regional areas. The foundations of the Greens dental Policy mirror the ADA’s own Dental Health Plan.

Speaking in response to the announcement, Dr Rick Olive welcomed the Greens Dental Policy for its considered and staged approach to a long term sustainable solution.

“The Greens’ plan for dental care recognises that the public dental system is already under resourced and stretched to capacity. Success in improved oral health outcomes for Australians will only be achieved if governments make good use of the existing workforce and infrastructure that exists in private practice”.