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Ambitious study to investigate the state of Australia's oral health

19/07/2016  |  Tags: Australia s oral health, ,
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The ADA is once again lending its support to the National Study of Adult Oral Health, a $5.8 million undertaking by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH) at the University of Adelaide. This study involves interviews and provide free dental examinations to 15,000 people nationwide. 

Funded under a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnerships for Better Health grant, with additional contributions from groups like the ADA, Colgate  and federal, state and territory health departments, the 2016-2018 study aims to chart the occurrence of oral diseases in the Australian adult population and the effectiveness, sustainability and equity of dental service delivery across the country. 

In order to provide a more detailed picture of the state of Australia's oral health, not simply in the present but over time, the study will also monitor the 5500 participants in the previous national study that was conducted a decade ago, the results of which were  published as Australia’s Dental Generations.

Chief investigator Professor Marco Peres, Professor of Population Oral Health at the University of Adelaide and Director of ARCPOH  underlined the importance of the study in influencing how dental care is provided by policy makers and service providers. dental laser tips

"Oral diseases are among the four most expensive disease groups to treat and highly prevalent among adult Australians, particularly among those who can least afford treatment. 
"Oral disease compromises both general health and quality of life, but the high cost of dental care, unlike general medical care, is largely borne by the individual. This makes it almost unattainable for disadvantaged groups in society. We must establish how best to deliver dental healthcare that is effective and equitable for the whole adult population." 

Professor Peres went on to note that the National Study of Oral Healthy 2016-2018 will play a vital role in making "decisions about the delivery of fair and effective dental services for all Australians over the next decade and more."